About the Program

The Master’s Program in Design Management is a joint program between Faculty of Business and Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Design Management Master Program is intended to be in an efficient collaboration with the programs of “Master of Business Administration (MBA)” within Graduate School of Business; and “Master and PhD of Design Studies” and “Master of Yacht Design” within Graduate School of Social Sciences. Gaining and developing the skill in interdisciplinary studies, which form the basis of Design Management, is aimed with this program.

With this program, the students get to reconsider design/business decisions and strategies; and to transform them into products, services, communications, environments and brands in order to generate innovative and creative solutions. The program helps the students to establish a strong relationship among ideas, strategies, products and systems emerged through the processes of design management; and the users in the market. This goal should be achieved with the coexistence of students with diverse academic backgrounds, in different programs. This program also seek to control the quality and continuity of design solutions in different areas, to generate new methods for new user experiences in the processes of design idea generation or strategy development, and to shape and route the current market conditions by meeting user needs through design in the new economic embodiment functioning with competition.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Deniz

Head of the Design Management Program