About the Department

Political Science and International Relations PhD Program, which will have its first students for the Academic Year 2015-16, aims atproviding the PhD candidates with a comprehensive scientific capability enabling them to theoretically, analytically and critically assess the political and social transformations that take place in the global system, Turkey’s domestic and foreign politics as well as the political issues and developments in the region surrounding Turkey. The program offers the PhD candidates the main courses of Current Issues in International Relations, Comparative Politics, Turkish Political Life, Political Theory and Research Methods as well as a wide variety of 30 elective courses under three different “fields of specialization”: “International Relations”, “Comparative Politics”, and “Political Theory”.

 The PhD program is designed to provide the students with the necessary theoretical and conceptual knowledge and capability in the first four academic semesters and later to enable the successful Phd candidates to write and to defend their dissertations in diverse fields of the program and under the supervision of expert faculty staff.