Graduate School of Social Sciences

Ph.D Thesis

Melike DEMİRBAĞ KAPLAN Ph.D. In Business Administration  Product Appearance And Brand Knowledge: An Analysis of Critical Relationships Prof.Dr. Tunçdan BALTACIĞLU July.24.2007
Öznur YURT Ph.D. In Business Administration  The Impact of Services Supply Chain Orientation on Percieved Industrial Service Quality:An Emprical Analysis Prof.Dr. Tunçdan BALTACIĞLU Oct.01.2007
Burcu GÜNERİ ÇANGARLI Ph.D. In Business Administration  Bullying Behaviors as Organizational Political Tactics Prof. Dr. Alev KATRİNLİ June.15.2009
Evrim URSAVAŞ GÜNDOĞAN Ph.D. In Business Administration  Optimization and Simulation Models for Efficient Port ContainerTerminal Management Prof.Dr. Erhan ADA Febr.22.2010
Gülin VARDAR Ph.D. In Business Administration  Risk Measures and Efficiency Scores of Publicly Trated Banks in New and Candidate European Union Countries' Stock Markets Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hasan Fehmi BAKLACI May.03.2010
Gökçe AKSOY TUNÇ Ph.D. In Business Administration  Volatility Modelling and Forecasting Value-At-Risk: Evidence From New and Candidate European Union Countries Assoc.Prof.Dr. Adnan KASMAN July.27.2010
Berna AYDOĞAN Ph.D. In Business Administration  A Microstructural Approach to Intraday Analysis of Turkish Derivates Market Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hasan Fehmi BAKLACI July.282010
Tarık ATAN Ph.D. In Business Administration  A Comparison of the Current and Desired Managerial Leadership Styles in Turkey Prof.Dr. Alev KATRİNLİ July.19.2010
Yasemin KARAİBRAHİMOĞLU İPh.D. In Business Administration  The Role of Corporate Governance on Earnings Management: Quarterly Evidence From Turkey Prof.Dr. Serdar ÖZKAN Dec.10.2010
Işık Özge YUMURTACI Ph.D. In Business Administration  Retail Store Performance Assesement Through Supply Chain Perspective Prof.Dr. Tunçdan BALTACIĞLU July.04.2011
Tuğba ÖRTEN TUĞRUL Ph.D. In Business Administration  Consistency of Consumers' Sequential Choices in the Presence of Conflicting Goals Prof.Dr. Tunçdan BALTACIĞLU June.29.2011
Bengü SEVİL OFLAÇ İPh.D. In Business Administration  An Attributional Approach for Consumer Evaluations in Logistics Customer Service Failure Situations Prof.Dr. Tunçdan BALTACIĞLU June.29.2011
Dicle YURDAKUL ŞAHİN Ph.D. In Business Administration  Objectification and Redirection of Desire: Exposure to Consumer Culture in tihe Low Income Context Assoc.Prof.Dr. Deniz ATİK June.21.2013
İlker ARSLAN Ph.D. In Economics How Does Behavior of Banks Affect Financial Instability? An Agent Based Modeling Approach Assoc.Prof.Dr. Alper DUMAN Dec.202013
İbrahim Onur ÖZ Ph.D. In Business Administration  Comparison of Financial Distress Models Across Emerging Markets Prof. Dr. Serdar ÖZKAN July.02.2014
Şebnem PENBEK Ph.D. In Business Administration  Ethical Approaches used by the Managers During the Judgment of Ethical Issues: An Empirical Study Assoc.Prof.Dr. Gülem ATABAY July.18.2014
Emre CAN Ph.D. In Economics  Modeling The Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Intervention of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Prof. Dr. Ayla OĞUŞ BİNATLI Sept.09.2014
Özen Ece ACAR  Ph.D. In Business Administration  CorporateGovarnance and Provisions under IAD 37 Prof.Dr. Serdar ÖZKAN July.152014
Dilara KILINÇ Ph.D. In Economics Essays on the Macroekonomics of Gender Equality in the Labor Market Prof. Dr. İ.Hakan YETKİNER June.06.2016
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