About the Department

İzmir University of Economics, Department of Economics offers an English language based graduate program for prospective students to earn Ph.D. degree in Economics.The program provides a high quality alternative to similar programs both in domestic and international institutions.

The participating academic staff and course contents are chosen specifically to provide the necessary tools and expertise to the students, preparing them with strong background for the highly competitive international academic and business environments.

Students are expected to complete the program in four years. After completing the course requirements in the first two years of the program, students have to take their comprehensive exams. Upon successful completion of their exams, students will be assigned to advisors that will direct them to proceed with their research.

The courses are offered throughout the day and the program is open to candidates with at least a B.A. or a graduate degree. The program encourages young researchers to specialize on interdisciplinary fields in addition to the classical subfields of the discipline.

Students with a strong academic background, but limited training in economics, may be admitted as qualifying year students. Upon successful completion of approved coursework these students can enter the regular Ph.D. program.